About US

    Tawakkul Ayurved Clinic was established by Dr. Irfan Nadaf in the year 2008. The Ayurveda means "Life Science".

The primary Objective of Tawakkul clinic is to derive all good aspects from old tradition and to build a healthy society then to be merely a treatment center. The knowledge of Ayurveda is relevant only when applied to day today life and when incorporated in life style, more over ailments can be treated effectively only if the genuine principles of Ayurveda are propeny implemented. Mainly our center research and do practice on Kidney and our aim is to stop dialysis of kidney patients and to let them live healthy life just as a normal person.
We also provide following Services :

 Hair Diseases,
 Lung Diseases,
 Sexual Debility,
 Rakt Vikar (Blood Disorders),
 Vaat Vikar (Nerve Disorders),
 Digestive Disorders,
 Kidney Stone,
 Piles etc


To serve the humanity with pure ayurvedic treatment.


To research and do treatment of various chronic diseaese.        


Kadamvadi kolhapur
In front of jamadar colony's masjid